Communication is a key element of family engagement.  DYCD providers should be striving for program-family interactions that are strong and positive. The more we can be intentional about communicating with families- thinking about how, when, where and what we communicate- the more likely it is that we will enhance our family engagement efforts.

The best communication involves multiple channels that connect families, programs, participants, and communities.  Just as you need to be considerate when gathering information from families, it is critical that you do the same when sharing information with families.  Information should be shared in a respectful way, considering the families’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Remember to avoid jargon, acronyms, or terminology that families may not understand. A family newsletter can be an integral piece of your program-to-home communication.

Newsletters are an easy way of building community, providing busy families with information, and supporting family engagement. Check out Manhattan Youth’s, A DYCD Funded Afterschool SONYC Program, family newsletter sample 1 and sample 2.

Family Newsletter

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