Circles of Support Family Engagement Toolkit Is Live!

DYCD launched Circles of Support: A Family Engagement Framework and a Family Engagement Toolkit at its Circles of Support: the Power in Family Engagement Symposium on November 17. The Symposium was co-hosted by Children’s Aid National Center for Community Schools. 

Circles of Support: A Family Engagement Toolkit is an on-line resource with tips, resources and activities to build family engagement practices in CBOs. The link to the toolkit is (           )

What I found most valuable about the DYCD Circles of Support: The Power in Family Engagement Symposium

“The opportunity to network with other field professionals and taking back best practices”

“I found the World Café was very helpful by breaking down ways to improve communication, participation and partnership.”

The specific resources or strategies I plan to use from the symposium are:

“Use new forms of communication and consistent follow-up to meet families and their needs. Get parent feedback on how the program should be implemented.”

“Create our center’s ‘circle of support’ which includes center staff, caregivers, and community”

“Make more deposits before withdrawals from the emotional bank. Ensure participants are hearing good feedback.”