Reflection Corner: Benefits of Family Engagement

DYCD knows the importance of family engagement in helping improve outcomes for all family members and building safer and healthier communities. DYCD has made partnering with families a priority. DYCD staff reflects on the many benefits of engaging families as partners.

Reflection Corner: A Mile in My Shoes

Think of your families and “take a walk in their shoes.” Notice what you see, hear, and feel and consider how welcome you feel. Invite your staff and colleagues on a virtual tour of the program’s space(s). Write down on a graffiti wall what you saw, heard, and felt as you walked through the program […]

Reflection Corner: Creating Circles of Support

Ask staff to reflect upon the individual(s) who were the most meaningful in their lives as they were growing up. Distribute the circle cards. Design note: Include link to cards. Ask staff to select the circle card symbol card that best represents their circles of support, and then pair up. In pairs, staff will share […]