The advancements in digital technology create endless opportunities to creatively engage families in nontraditional ways. For families that work, travel for work, who feel intimidated by events such as parent teacher conferences, have younger children or elderly adults to care for, or who are overwhelmed with daily stressors, technology can create a platform for them to be involved and have a voice.

Facebook groups, email chains and digital newsletters help families stay more informed and organized during a time that works best for their family.  Examples of the platforms that programs can use are:

Family portal such as ProCare  and BackPack can be used to share information and get information from your families.

Don’t assume that all families have access to broadband or devices and your program participants are familiar with how devices operate, how to email, how to fill out a Google form or are active on these platforms, etc. Check-in with your participants and their families often to make sure they’re not falling behind or feeling frustrated.

Creating New Pathways Flip Grid

“Empower Every Voice”

Flip Grid is a platform that would allow families and Community -Based organizations to voice their perspectives and share information with each other. Try other ways to engage and listen to families that allow for transparency and honest dialogue. This platform will support the partnership with families and hear from a variety of voices.

Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience for learners and families. Start a discussion and engage your community…together!

Click this to access slides to help walk you through signing up and utilizing Flip Grid with your families and community.

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Reflection Corner

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