The DYCD Equity Statement was written collaboratively by the Equity Workgroup to support our agency’s mission and enhance the stance that we must be reflective, conscientious and fair in all aspects of our programming and funding. It encourages us to look intersectionally at varying experiences of inequality based on identity, and challenges us to keep lived experiences in mind when finding ways to best serve those in need. The Equity Statement serves as the foundation for much of the work we are doing here at DYCD and is aligned with our agency’s Guiding Principles.

The Equity Statement undergirds Circles of Support: DYCD’s Family Engagement Framework and this Toolkit seeks to promote culturally responsive practice.  We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on how the Equity Statement can tie into your work. Children’s Aid/National Center for Community Schools, as DYCD’s Technical Assistance Provider for family engagement, is facilitating workshops and providing resources to assist in building services to families that are inclusive and equitable.