In advance, write the alphabet (vertically) on large chart paper.





And so forth…

Make two copies and tape them to a wall, somewhat close to each other, but not too close. Divide your group into two teams of equal size. Explain that each team will be using one marker to write words on the chart paper, one team member at a time. Create a line behind which each team must stand, one behind the other.

Think of a one- word prompt, maybe something related to the group’s purpose for meeting (e.g. Health, Education, Afterschool, Family, Parenting, etc.) Explain that when you call out the word, the first person in line for each team must approach the chart paper and write the first word that comes to mind that starts with the letter A. S/he then returns to the back of the line handing the marker to the next in line. For the same prompt, the second person writes a word starting with the letter B.   The teams continue through the alphabet until one team reaches Z and wins. Be sure to check all the words, before announcing a winning team to ensure each word actually counts. This is an energetic and sometimes loud activity that gets competitive juices flowing. If time allows, you can discuss a few of the words to understand why they were chosen and make connections to the content you are about to introduce.

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